Hard Truths

If we cannot tell each other the hard truths, then what are we doing?

This sentence when I first heard it, I thought about myself. Am I accepting the hard truths of life or not?

Being alone sometimes gives you time to think, assess life, and it’s hard truths.

This sentence made me remember days that I do not want to forget, because I just don’t want to. Why? Because it was happy memories. Even though I am happy, it’s nice to remember those moments. This made me think of the one person I had those moments with. We are apart now, but that doesn’t change the truth of them being a big part of my journey. I see things and remember, and that is okay. Because that made me happy, remembering. I am happy for that person with the life this person is having, I wish only the best for that person. We gave each other three years of our lives, with the good and the bad. Flew to another continent to be with that person, and I remember every moment like it was yesterday. Situations made me realize how rich I am, with the love of people around me, especially family. One other thing, I’m remembering those moments, and those people in the peak of my life. I am thankful to have you people, and I was lucky that I had you for three years in my life. Because of you people, I am not the same man yesterday, and I am definitely not the same man tomorrow. You people helped my growth in life, and the sharpened my perspective of life.

Those are my hard truths…

For that person, Vaya Con Dios … I hope you find someone that deserves you.

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