The Joy of Life

Simple things make us feel amazing and very happy when with the person we love. Joys of life are anything you may do together. Even if it was going to a Starbucks branch that you love and writing on each other’s cups, going to the arcade, or even going to the rooftop to see the whole world. Then, all that would end… and all of the things you had vanish… people cancel other people from their lives easily. They would forget all the things and the memories they had together. I don’t know what’s with people nowadays, they all cancel people as easy as a pencil with it’s eraser. After that, you may see all the joys of life has lost its taste, but just know you are still here. You are still alive. Live for yourself, laugh, and love your family. By loving anyone else, you’ll just be disappointed. Invest in yourself. Love yourself. People won’t care about you. Because the people you once though they cared about you, except your family, will stop in an instant. As I said, you’ll be disappointed. That one person you thought you were their all, which you are not just keep that in mind, will abandon you and never ask about you again. Just be there for yourself, and be strong for yourself. Most importantly, don’t let anyone get past your defense. Enjoy life alone. You may look back at the memories, or photos, and feel sad about them, but know this… what goes around comes back around. They may think they went for the better person, but they will regret it because no one will love them like you did, and no one will be as pure towards them as you were. Love yourself



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