Is this the end? You might ask yourself this question a lot …

Is this the end of me? End of a situation? End of anything you’re thinking of.

I had an amazing year until I was shocked by lots of things in life. I lived, loved, and I was happy, but apparently that was all a big fat lie. I invested in people, and was away from me. Business opportunities were declined, people canceled from my life, and more. That is all because I thought I had it all living in that lie, which changed my whole perception of life. Goals and targets were based and set on this lie… My life revolved around one person, and it was not me. I always came second to myself. After all that, I was treated as I was an object that you can easily give up on. I thought life has no meaning any more… I wanted my life to end. Then, I realized why would I feel like this? Someone was lying to themselves before lying to me. As The Weeknd once sang, “Who’s gonna love you like me?”. I have an answer, no one. Saying sorry to a person after making them experience all that, doesn’t do shit. Especially that this person, did everything to make you happy. This changed me in many ways. Now, I don’t give a damn how people see me, think about me, or feel towards me.




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