In life, you go through hardships, you suffer, and you may want to end it in any possible way even if its not appropriate.This pain and suffering may not make you strong at the moment, but will definitely help you grow when you are older and wiser. 

You may reach a point where you break inside, where nothing matters and nothing makes sense. You may want to end your life because nothing is working anymore, but no. Think about your loved ones, think about every person who cares about your well being. How would they feel when you are no longer here? How will they be able to smile when you are not there to smile with them? 

How will they be truly happy when you are not there to share their happiness? 

Every time life gets tough, remember that things will pass and everything will eventually be okay. 

As my mother always tells me “دوام الحال من المحال” 

Its ok to fail, Its ok to rest, but Its not ok to give up. 

You are strong, loved, and cared for. 

Personally, without the ups and downs I’ve been through in my life, I would not be who I am today. I would not be a person who knows how to handle certain situations. I would not be a person who will say “NO” when I need to. I would not be a person who is reliable and confident.

Each person has to realize that the ups and downs in their lives will not stop until they take their last breath.

Realize that life is a battle, where you have to fight every day in order to achieve what you want from this life. Whether you have a goal or not, whether you have something that you love or not. Find what you love, find your passion, find your goal and don’t stop until you do it or achieve your goal. 

If you don’t have any of this, its okay. Life is not over, its never too late to move and do something. Its never too late to start from scratch. 

Just remember that once you do start, don’t stop until you reach the finish line. When you reach that finish line, dream bigger and become better for your own sake. 

Each person is on earth for a goal, no one is useless, no one is here for no reason. 

Understand this and always remind yourself [ I am here for a purpose, I am here for a reason, and I am here to make the world better even if it means making my loved ones smile every day]

Most importantly, don’t get too caught up with life and your goals that you forget to love and care about who matters in your life.

Be aware that everyone who matters in your life needs to be reminded that you love them and care about them. 

The last thing I want to say is, have fun, be better for the world, and spread love everywhere.

Author: Anonymous

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