The last moments of 2016, and the beginning of 2017 1

The end of a year and the beginning of a new year usually stands for new beginnings, clean slates, and new opportunities. This is why people celebrate the new year with a hype and a certain ritual. For instance lovers celebrate their first second of new year with each other, by calling each other to be the first voice that you hear in your year, or even kiss for a new beginning and renewal of that relationship.

This year it was my first year to celebrate the new year’s eve with my friend’s, loved one, and family. Richard’s Coffee Bar held an event from 9PM to 1AM with music, good company, and coffee. As for a guy I know, which was at Richard’s as well. He was texting his beloved so he calls at 11:59, so he can hear her angelic voice as the first voice he listens to in the new year. He waited, and waited… minutes left, and still no answer from his beloved. Seconds left, then she noticed the texts. He was a bit depressed because he felt he wanted to hear that angelic voice one more time again and say “happy new year my love”. She actually called on the last second of the countdown. The guy answered and left the whole crowd, and did not care about them all. He just wanted to hear her voice. He did, and he made sure that day that she is the one, she is his soul and heart. So, he had good company, a pleasant call, and music. He thought, that sure means a great beginning for a great year.

At the end, we all celebrate the new year with a different ritual. Like for instance, people are sad about the new year for there own reason, and they shan’t be judged because of that. Everyone has their perception of the end, and their perception of the beginning. Does it end happily ever after? Is the beginning the light of dawn, or is it not? That is all based on perception and elements. Perceive well, and choose your elements wisely.
Hail to a new bright beginning…

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