Yearly Archives: 2017

Simple things make us feel amazing and very happy when with the person we love. Joys of life are anything you may do together. Even if it was going to a Starbucks branch that you love and writing on each other’s cups, going to the arcade, or even going to […]

The Joy of Life

In our lives, we fly in airplanes a lot, where we have new adventures and trips. The thing is we all have that one last flight before we leave … we live our lives without putting in mind that one last flight. Before getting on that flight, your loved ones […]

Before the Last Flight…

Is this the end? You might ask yourself this question a lot … Is this the end of me? End of a situation? End of anything you’re thinking of. I had an amazing year until I was shocked by lots of things in life. I lived, loved, and I was […]


you know when you feel stuck ? when you are not sure what should be your next move? when you simply can not decide what is best for you because every move will have its own consequences? I hate this feeling, I hate not being sure of should I do […]


In life, you go through hardships, you suffer, and you may want to end it in any possible way even if its not appropriate.This pain and suffering may not make you strong at the moment, but will definitely help you grow when you are older and wiser.  You may reach […]