Fauchon Closed in 360 ! | فوشون مسكر في ٣٦٠


اليوم مريت ٣٦٠ و شفت ان مطعم و مقهى فوشون مغلق. انصدمت خصوصاً ان قبل كم يوم كان مفتوح و بحالته الطبيعية… توقعاتي انه مغلق للتجديد و بأنه سيطل علينا بإطلالة جديدة بالعيد.

Today i was at 360 Mall and saw that Fauchon Restaurant & Café is closed. I was shocked, especially that it was open a couple of days earlier and running normally. My expectation is that it is closed for renovation, where it will open with a new look in Eid.

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